setting up quantlib, swig-python in ubuntu karmic

April 22, 2010

Hey all,

I am starting this blog to catalog the work I do to get things working and any ideas I have. I finally got rid of windows and installed ubuntu 9.10 (karmic). This post is going to detail how I get everything up and running. (also a reference for me in the future).

First download the most recent version of boost, Quantlib and Quantlib swig. download both the Quantlib and the Quantlib swig versions.

I unzipped the files to /usr/local/lib

doing an ls on my /usr/local/lib directory I have

boost_1_42_0, QuantLib-1.0, QuantLib-SWIG-1.0

next follow the getting started instructions on boost. This will explain how to install the package.

Installing QuantLib-1.0

go into /usr/local/lib/QuantLib-1.0. Quantlib needs to know where the boost directory is when you configure the make file. In /usr/local/lib/QuantLib-1.0


  1. sudo ./configure –with-boost-include=/usr/local/lib/boost_1_42_0 –with-boost-lib=/usr/local/lib/boost_1_42_0/libs
  2. sudo make
  3. sudo make install

you need to do sudo because /usr/local/lib is protected.

You now have QuantLib installed.

Next we will install QuantLib-Swig

first make sure QL_LIB is set to your quantlib directory

export QL_LIB=’/usr/local/lib/QuantLib-1.0′

then within the swig directory run

  1. sudo ./configure
  2. sudo make -C Python

for the next step you have to make sure you have python-dev 2.6 package installed. go to System->admistration->synaptic package manager and install python2.6-dev

then go into the /usr/local/lib/QuantLib-SWIG-1.0/Python directory and run

python build test install

you now have QuantLib-SWIG-1.0 installed!

you can test this by running python.

and then doing from QuantLib import *

so far I’ve found a few useful pdfs


it is also a good idea to install IPython (can do this the same way you install python2.6-dev). IPython is much better than the normal IPython interactive console


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April 22, 2010

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